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DCamp Academy


Expand your career prospects by specializing in sports conditioning.

Be the certified sports conditioning specialist at Dcamp academy in Coimbatore and be the trainer for a weight loss program


Our Sports Conditioning Specialist course is for trainers and coaches who aspire to work with professional sports teams and athletes.

This extensive course will provide valuable knowledge on exercise and sports science, sports nutrition, sports-specific assessments, program design, and injury prevention. The highlight of this program is that you will be trained rigorously on individual aspects of program design which include resistance training, cardiovascular training, plyometrics, speed, agility, and coordination. You will also learn about sports-specific assessments in detail, which is something that’s not covered in other curriculums.


Module 1: Exercise Science

  • Chapter 1: Structure and function of body systems

  • Chapter 2: Physiology

  • Chapter 3: Kinesiology & biomechanics

  • Chapter 4: Bioenergetics of exercise

  • Chapter 5: Aerobic and anaerobic adaptations to training programs

  • Chapter 6: Sports Nutrition

  • Chapter 7: Sports-specific assessments

  • Chapter 8: Program design for stability & mobility

  • Chapter 9: Program design for resistance training

  • Chapter 10: Program design for plyometric training

  • Chapter 11: Program design for speed and agility training

  • Chapter 12: Program design for aerobic endurance training

  • Chapter 13: Sports-specific program design

  • Chapter 14: Periodization

  • Chapter 15: Injury prevention, rehabilitation, and reconditioning

  • Chapter 16: Musculoskeletal Injury

  • Chapter 17: Role and scope of practice

Module 2: Hands-on Practical

  • Hands-on training on client assessment

  • Hands-on training on exercise programming for clients

  • You will be carrying out client assessment and program design for 5 clients.




  • 12 weeks course

  • Time: Weekdays/Weekends

  • 150+ hours of live classroom lectures



Format & Materials

  • In-person, Online, and video lecture

  • Sports conditioning specialist manual.

  • 3 Practice tests

  • Quizzes


Exams & Fees

  • 150 multiple-choice questions

  • Call/Whatsapp to know more

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