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Awesome moment of Fat loss premium league season two program at Dcamp

FPL - Fatloss Premier League


Eye catcher moment at Dcamp fitness the winner of FPL

FPL - Season 2

812.53 kgs

Total Weight


5 kgs

Average Weight Loss per person

67.7 kgs

Average Weight Loss per week

133.8 kgs

Leading Team 



Congratulations to Vishnu of Dcamp for winning the Best Trainer Award! It's an impressive achievement and a testament to Vishnu's dedication and hard work in helping gym members reach their fitness goals. With this recognition, Vishnu has proven to be an excellent trainer who is committed to delivering quality training and support to his clients.

Vishnu of Dcamp receives the best fitness trainer award of the year by proving he is the best fitness trainer in Coimbatore
Keerthika a Dietician of Dcamp fitness Coimbatore receives the best Dietician award of the year by proving he is the best Coimbatore


Congratulations to Keerthika for winning the Best Dietician Award! On behalf of Dcamp Fitness, we are thrilled to see Keerthika's hard work and dedication in helping our members achieve their health and fitness goals being recognized. This award is a testament to Keerthika's expertise and commitment to providing personalized nutrition plans that help clients make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. We are proud to have her as part of our team at Dcamp Fitness.

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